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Obama-Care Insurance Exchanges Do Not Affect Medicare

Some seniors on Medicare have expressed confusion or concern about whether the new Health Insurance Marketplace (also referred to as a health care exchange) being implemented under the Health Care Law affects Medicare in any way. It does not.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has posted the following Question & Answer announcement on its newly updated HealthCare.gov website:

If I have Medicare do I need to do anything?

“Medicare isn’t part of the Health Insurance Marketplace, so you don’t need to do anything. If you have Medicare, you are considered covered.

The Marketplace won’t affect your Medicare choices, and your benefits won’t be changing. No matter how you get Medicare, whether through Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, you’ll still have the same benefits and security you have now. You won’t have to make any changes.”

Expanded Medicare benefits for preventive care, drug coverage

 *  ”Medicare benefits have expanded under the health care law-things like free preventive benefits, cancer screenings, and an annual wellness visit.

*  You can also save money if you’re in the prescription drug “donut hole” with discounts on brand-name prescription drugs.”

More Medicare details

 *  ”Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period (October 15-December 7) hasn’t changed.

*  Remember, Marketplace insurance isn’t for people who have Medicare, so don’t drop your Medicare coverage.

*  To learn more about your Medicare coverage and choices, visit medicare.gov.

*  If you have family and friends who don’t have health insurance, or if they want to explore new health plan options, tell them to visit www.HealthCare.gov.”

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