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Wheelchair Ramps Wood vs. Aluminum

For most people, walking up stairs is as easy as “1, 2, 3, Step!”  For those who are wheelchair bound or have hip or knee arthritis, a flight of stairs is more like “1, 2, 3, Distress!” Our population is growing older and living longer. The need for in-home health care and assistance to live independently is stronger than ever. Having a ramp installed for wheelchair accessibility is important for convenience, but even more important for safety.  Ramps are simple accessibility devices that can make a world of difference for those with mobility challenges. Ramps provide increased independence, convenience, and satisfaction in their daily lives.
A ramp should be placed by the outside door or porch so the wheelchair bound person has an easy and safe way to enter and exit the house.
Being able to use a ramp for a wheelchair-bound person provides ease, safety and comfort for both the users and caregivers. Wheelchair ramps also make it easier for people with mobility challenges to evacuate in an emergency situation such as a fire. The cost of wheelchair ramps depends on several factors, including materials, length, style, portability, and labor.
Should you Rent or Purchase a Modular Ramp?
Features & Benefits of Modular Ramps
•    Easy installation. A 24′ system, including handrails, can be installed in just two hours.
•    Sides are finished and flush with no hazardous nuts or bolts protruding onto the usable ramp area
•    Can be configured for almost any home
•    Handrails provide safe grip
•    Ramps and platforms made of lightweight, durable aluminum
•    Ramps, handrails, and platforms are pre-assembled
•    No anchoring into concrete footings or pads is required
•    Architecturally designed for a clean, modern appearance
•    Extruded skid resistant surface
•    No maintenance required
•    36″ width
•    800 pound weight capacity
•    Can be rented or purchased

Aluminum Vs. Wood Ramps
Wood Ramps
•    Require regular maintenance
•    Subject to decay
•    Requires hiring a contractor or carpenter for assembly
•    Requires a building permit
•    Configuration can be changed through demolition and reconstruction
•    No resale value. Can actually lower resale value of home
•    24′ system with handrails set up in typically 2 days
•    Can have potentially dangerous chemicals or applied treatments
•    Wood ramps cannot be rented on a monthly basis
•    ‘Portable’ wood ramps aren’t available
•    Can become slippery in inclement weather
•    Can become dry and splintery during the hot summer months.

Aluminum Ramps
•    Maintenance free
•    Will not rot or rust
•    Easy assembly with minimal tools
•    No building permit required
•    Ramp can be easily expanded, reconfigured or moved
•    An asset that can be reused, resold or rented
•    24′ system with handrails usual set up is two hours
•    No environmental impact
•    Aluminum modular ramps can be rented or purchased
•    ‘Portable’ aluminum ramps are available to rent on a monthly basis
•    Threshold ramps available for 1-5” threshold access
Prime Care Medical Equipment, an Albany, NY based provider of durable medical equipment since 1994  offers wheelchair ramp rental and purchase options to families throughout the Capital Region.  Prime Care was named the exclusive Capital Region MVP Ramp Provider for EZ-ACCESS, one of the pioneers of modular ramp manufacturing in the United States. EZ-ACCESS designs, engineers and manufactures ramp products to improve and enhance personal mobility barriers people may encounter while living at home.  Prime Care’s EZ-ACCESS modular ramp systems are installed for residential and commercial use. They have safety hand rails and are made of durable aluminum that does not rust or decay. No anchoring into concrete footings is required and they have an 800 pound weight capacity.
Prime Care provides quick, professional modular ramp rental installation for elderly and disabled individuals….and for caregivers who are worried that either they or their family member will sustain an injury attempting to navigate a wheelchair up and down steep steps.
In addition to modular ramps, Prime Care offers rubber and aluminum threshold ramps…and portable ramps with either a single or a double fold design. They are often a simple and convenient solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access one or two steps, vehicles and raised landings with ease. They are safe and strong, lightweight, portable and skid resistant.
Ramps installed by Prime Care are ADA-compliant and can usually be easily installed in only a few hours. The durable wheelchair ramps can be left in place temporarily and are able to be moved when needed, or they can be left permanently in place. When no longer needed at a home, Prime Care will repurchase modular ramps. Prime Care Medical Equipment is focused on supporting customers through a commitment to excellence. Particular attention to appearance, ease of installation, and durability are key to Prime Care’s modular ramp layout design and installation.
A wheelchair ramp can bring freedom to your door step immediately, allowing everybody the ability to safely and easily come and go as they like.  Ramps allow freedom of choice for people who are using manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters and walkers.

Call 518-456-6192, email: jhyde@primecaremed.com or visit www.rampsliftsalbany.com to learn more or to schedule a free ramp evaluation.

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